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 Welcome to My blog your destination to get information about best smartphones/mobile phones under a pricing range.

About Me:

              My name is Rohit Sharma. I m currently pursuing B.tech degree in Computer science and engineering. And I am a part-time Blogger. I used to write blogs on topics like SEO, Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, and many more.

About the blog:

 My blogs are about SEO, Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, and many more. And  in coming days i will be sharing information about these smartwatches, fitness bands and iPhones and many more.

My blog contains the specifications, variants, price and links to buy these products. Everybody is having different pricing scale and each one of us can afford in different pricing category. Soi bring you the solutions to you...I display best products in specific budget range.
 My blogs contains different  pricings like Best mobile Phones under RS 10000 ,Best mobile Phones under Rs 20000,Best mobile Phones under Rs 30000 and many more categories are there.

The website contains the information regarding diffrent topics like News, Technology, all the topics mentioned above. We hepls you to get full information about the topic you want to know. 

Thank You All!

You can also Contact me on:

Gmail: rohitsharma012348@gmail.com
Twitter: @RohitSh97173971
Instagram : @sharma7624
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